Saturday, November 15, 2008

"IT'S ALL GOOD!!" Veggie Chicken Breasts?

Okay fellow vegetarian/vegan family, I have another incredible product review! Just when you

thought life couldn’t get any better, I came across another great product and “It’s All Good”! I really mean it…actually, that is the name of the company that produces this product. Are you ready??? It is veggie chicken breasts! Yes, you are hearing me right VEGETABLE chicken breast.

The company “It’s All Good”, boasts about its wonderful combination of vegetable proteins called “Gardien”. This combination of pea protein, carrot, and beet root fiber gives this incredible food its meat-like texture. Who could complain about a meal giving you what is good for you as well as tastes great? I sound like that old Miller Lite beer commercial “less filling, taste great”! They have many great products other than chicken. They even have a substitute for beef (I have not tried the beef strips yet). The variety of products that they make consist of the “veggie chick’n strips lightly seasoned, veggie beef strips lightly seasoned, veggie chick’n filets in a Mediterranean herb & spice rub, veggie chick’n filets in a zesty lemon herb rub, veggie chick’n breasts in a herb Dijon marinade, and the one that I tried and will become a family favorite in my home, the veggie chick’n breasts in a Tuscan tomato marinade. I had these faux chicken breast served over a bed of brown rice with a side steamed green beans, talk about a quick and wonderful meal. The “chick’n breasts only take about a couple of minutes to cook, which saves a lot of time in the kitchen during the week (I thought I would give you a quick tip for those week night meals). I highly recommend this product and I am looking forward to many more awesome items from this company. Enjoy Life!

This item might be a little hard to obtain. I found this item at the “Fresh and Easy” store. If you can’t locate this product you can go to their website at


  1. i've been looking into veganism and i first started off trying to find meat substitutes that, at least, tasted good and at most, resembled the texture, flavor, look... of meat. one of the first things i tried was the "its all good" chicken breasts then the stir fry beef strips. their look and texture is quite enticing and interesting. the sauces were excellent. but the flavor of the actual "meat" was just aweful. i ended up throwing out most of it and when you keep in mind how expensive these alternatives are, i was quite unhappy but i couldnt bring myself to finish it.

    it's definately gonna take time to aquire a taste for it if you are going from a diet where meat was center of every meal to a vegetarian/vegan diet. if you are already vegan, it may be easy. but for me.... YUCK.

    so far, the best meat alternative happens to be 100% veggie. sauted mushrooms, eggplant, potato, beans/peas and lentils... maybe tempeh (i have yet to try it). wheat gluten and tofu seem to be the most popular and widely suggested meat alternatives but, aside from ground beef aternatives, ive yet to be fully satisfied.

    But dont take my review as the end all be all.i highly recommend people try it. although i didnt like the taste, i still appreciated how close it came to being meat.

  2. I've dabbled in vegan and vegetarianism for years and although I'm not strict with either at the moment, I do understand the difficulty people have acquiring a certain "taste" for vegan or vegetarian products.

    I haven't tried the beef strips but have been eating chicken alternatives since they came out and love them. They even have a stuffed chick'n breast now which is delicious. These are great for low carb high protein diets as well.