Thursday, November 20, 2008


Hell0 My Vegetarian/Vegan family!!

It is such a glorious day here in Phoenix Arizona. I just sent the kids off to school and daycare, and kissed my awesome hubby (AH) goodbye as he headed off to work. The weather will get to 82 degrees today, which is great weather, (sorry to those in colder weather) to plan the holiday menu for Thanksgiving and to try my hand at making it totally vegan! I will be testing some great recipes today. I will let you know (as you already know) how they turn out. A little nervous you ask? Yes, because I have never had a vegan Thanksgiving before BUT I am so grateful for the way I feel (both physically and mentally), the way my skin looks, and the way my family is adapting to this way of life. I am grateful for being able to help the environment by incorporating living green and above all the lives of animals and their welfare.

NEWS ALERT! NEWS ALERT! My AH just informed me last night that he was thinking of giving up meat slowly (starting with pork) and that he eventually will try to transition to a vegetarian lifestyle. This, from the man who told me that he was a meatatarian and there was no way he was going to stop eating meat. I am so excited! So you see why I have to put on a great spread for the holiday. On top of all of that, we will be with his ENTIRE family for Thanksgiving and I am sure that they will be sampling some of my vegan fare (they will have the usual Holiday meal there as well). I am under some intense pressure here but I am up for the challenge! YES, I CAN!

Now back to our regularly scheduled program: I will be posting quite a bit within these next few days because I want to make sure that you also have some wonderful recipes for the holidays as well as the fact that I may not be able to post anything the day before Thanksgiving (we shall see). If I don’t get a chance to, I want to wish you the most INCREDIBLE Thanksgiving ever! I am very grateful to have you all as family and my support! Thank you for all the great emails I have gotten to encourage me to do what I already love to do, EAT, COOK, and WRITE!

Here's to Living Life!

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