Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Before the New Year begins....

I have had so many people say to me that they are going to try being vegan after the New Year so that they can get on the right track. To this I say..... WHY WAIT???? Your "New Year" can start today! I love that people are interested in the benefits of a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle but the time that you choose to move on that interest doesn't have to wait until January 1st. Why not try to have a vegetarian/vegan new years eve party complete with trays of all your favorite veggies. Maybe platters of "faux meats" of different varieties? How about a showcase of dairy free desserts? It is all about choice of course but you don't have to make it a resolution. You are changing your life. Starting today does have its benefits...

Happy New Year my Vegetarian/Vegan family!
Love ya!

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