Friday, March 13, 2009

Day One Smoothie/Juice FEAST

Hello my AMAZING vegan, vegetarian, raw family!!!!

First of all good morning! I greet you with smoothie in hand (as I have one almost every morning) and with a large smile. Do you remember why???? Well, today is day one of my seven day smoothie/juice feast!! I was going to just do smoothies at first but I thought about how much I love juices (both veggie and fruits). I am used to having fresh juice at least once every other day so I decided to get the best of both worlds and combine them for this seven days. I can tell you that I am excited because I really started thinking about what I would love and anticipate happening during this time. I thought I would share them with you (also, those who may be doing this as well might have the same thoughts).

I would love more of a spiritual connection, clarity, energy, weight loss. I will as well be in great reflection on some of the goals that I have set for myself and my family. I am grateful for this time to give my body the rest, and rejuvention that it needs. I am sure that I will be posting here throughout the day as well as over the course of the next seven days about what is going on during this time. I am expecting some INCREDIBLE things to happen. So with that being said....Let me get back to my smoothie! YUM!!!

What I have had so far today:

Water (16 Ounces)

Banana, peach, coconut oil smoothie (1 quart-enjoying this right now)

I will keep you posted!!


  1. Good luck and congratulations on doing this awesome feast. I love the idea of both smoothies and juices.


  2. Thank you Kristen! I am on the last day! I have been so busy...(raising seven kids and a hubby-does that make eight kids? LOL)I havent had a chance to blog but I have finally settled down so I will be doing a blog to cover entire feast! I really enjoyed it but I am ready to try some of your delicious cuisine (On Saturday)...So, to the kitchen I will be going tonight! Be Blessed!!!

  3. How did this go for you? I am curious to hear what the wonderful effects of the smoothie and juice feast are! I hope you are feeling fantastic -- thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, by the way! I am glad I've found yours :)