Monday, March 2, 2009


Hello My Vegan/Vegetarian family!

I havent posted in a while (and no I have not fallen off the vegan wagon). LOL!!! I have actually taken some time to think about my life and my values. Yes, I enjoyed all the benefits that have come with eating a vegan diet however I have been really considering taking it to the next level, which for me was going towards a RAW Vegan lifestyle. Let me tell you this!!! IT IS AWESOME!! So what I am going to do is write about this journey that I have undertaken and I hope you enjoy every aspect of what I will be sharing with you. Come along for the ride! We can do this together!

I have been eating RAW veggies and fruits exclusively pretty much for the past two months. I am so excited about this new quest that I also created a social networking site so that I may also help encourage others as well as get some additional support myself into the RAW lifestyle. My site is . It is free to join and I welcome all women wherever they are in their eating journey! I have missed you all and I promise I wont be away that long again!

Here is to much success in living the most incredible life ever!!!

Love ya!


  1. Wow, I thought you were gone. I'm glad to see you. It is great to know that you are becoming a raw vegan. Take care and hang in there.


  2. Thanks Evelyn!! No I am not gone (thank God)!! I am ready to go now. I had to tie up some loose ends with my personal life but I am full force now! I am back with a RAW attitude!!!

    Much love on your journey!